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What do you do?
Naki Coach offers Equicoaching team buildings to both companies and individuals.

Equicoaching? What is that? You coach horses?

Haha. No we do not coach horses. Our horses assist us to develop your personal and professional skills! Unbelievable, no? Because horses are prey animals, they are different then most animals we are used to – they have over the years developed their sensibility to survive. They feel if we are determined, assertive or hesitant and act in function. It's pretty much the horse whispering to us.

Oh but I don't know how to ride horses

That is of no importance. The horses are not ridden at all during the Equicoaching sessions.

Well... still not for me because I'm afraid of horses.

We will take this into account and apply all the necessary security measures. After a short session, you should no longer be afraid of horses and you will have learned more about them and yourself!

Who is Naki?

Who is Naki?

«Naki» is the nickname of our amazing mare Naksatra. She is both a very beautiful «Miss Belgium», Champion of Arabian horses, and a great horse for equicoaching. Here is a picture of her:


What will I do with the horses?

We will help you do basic individual or collective exercices on foot with the horses, like for example getting the horse over an obstacle course. After we will debrief individually. Just remember one thing: Horses do not lie.

Are your horses ridden?

Yes, most of our horses are trail ridden. Experienced riders can organise trail rides at our farm but this has nothing to do with Equicoaching.

All Equicoaching sessions are tailored depending on individual or group needs (for example: leadership skills)

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